BON Recruitment Services
Agensi Pekerjaan Bon Sdn Bhd (JTR No. 1519)


How BON Recruitment can benefit the employers/clients:-

TIME - BON Recruitment takes care of all the time consuming paperwork and the selection of potential candidates.
CONFIDENTIALITY - If the client prefers to remain anonymous then BON Recruitment becomes the client’s representative without disclosing the client’s identity until an interview is arranged between the client and the candidate.
SUITABILITY - From BON Recruitment’s professional selection process and expertise in this field, the client will receive the particulars of only the most suitable candidate (or, as the client may request, of several more suitable candidates).
GUARANTEE - If BON Recruitment’s candidate resigns for whatever reason within the first month of his/her appointment, a full refund or a suitable replacement for this particular position will be provided at no extra cost.


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